about finals, malls, and a return

Finals are officially over, and so is my unannounced 'blogging break.' I'm so glad to be back and here with you guys during this 2015 holiday season, my second in the blogosphere

I thought I'd take some photos after finals when Arushee and I decided to take a mini four hour excursion to the mall. I didn't visit the ideal places that I would shop in my free time, so it was fun to see other stores that I didn't know existed:)

When you have minimal make up interest and knowledge and everyone around you is a pro, it takes guts to run around the store trying different brushes and eyeliners. So go you, Ru.

So many things have changed in 2015, but one thing hasn't:
I still wouldn't ever trade my Jordans for pumps.


  1. I love this post!! I'm glad you're back too :)

  2. Your back. Hug me human. And yes, I do realise this is the internet and one cannot be hugged through a computer screen, But imagine me awkwardly trying to embrace you. I hope you did amazing in your finals or so help me God, I will jump through this computer screen and ... I'm kidding. I'm so glad you're back.

    1. Crap, I used the wrong you're.

    2. AHAHHAHAHA, girl, I'm virtually hugging you too. I'm so glad I'm here, too, and it's nice to have people like you to welcome me back<3

  3. weeeelllcome back!!
    you two are the cutest darlings ughh<3

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you are the reason i blog. your beautiful opinions and comments are the reason i blog. so i will never be able to thank you enough but i hope that through my photos and occasional words you will be able to see my gratitude♥♥