happy new year x

here's a way for you to keep your memories from 2015 safe or document the trends of fashion in the last year so that you can show your kids and your grand kids and your great grand kids.

i hope you have a splendid year, love, thanks for sticking with me.


a trip to the mall

Charlotte Brusse.



PS: Words cannot describe the struggle I went through the get myself into those shoes and walking. So, respect to the girls who walk in pumps everyday. Still love me my Jordans, though ;)


lessons by 2015: fight me.

never let the shadows dull your sparkle. always-- #slay.


about finals, malls, and a return

Finals are officially over, and so is my unannounced 'blogging break.' I'm so glad to be back and here with you guys during this 2015 holiday season, my second in the blogosphere

I thought I'd take some photos after finals when Arushee and I decided to take a mini four hour excursion to the mall. I didn't visit the ideal places that I would shop in my free time, so it was fun to see other stores that I didn't know existed:)

When you have minimal make up interest and knowledge and everyone around you is a pro, it takes guts to run around the store trying different brushes and eyeliners. So go you, Ru.

So many things have changed in 2015, but one thing hasn't:
I still wouldn't ever trade my Jordans for pumps.